It's time to have a career you LOVE! I'm all about helping you do that!

~Tracy Celaya

It IS possible for you to wake up every day and love your work and your life in a way that is far more fulfilling than you thought possible. NOW is the time to make it happen, instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you! 




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You want focused attention and results, NOW. You’re speaking my language! Let’s get things moving in the right direction for you.

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Career Professional Group Coaching

For the professional woman who wants to up-level the purposeful, fulfilling career she deserves!

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For the woman entrepreneur who’s ready to design her business and life exactly as she envisions!

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MasterMind and Rich Girl Academy for the women entrepreneur who believes in “Abundance Always, In All Ways™!”


Whatever words or ideas you throw her way, she just has a knack for organizing them into a viable, doable action plan. Most importantly, she gives you the belief and an on-paper-model to follow through on your once-vague, now-grounded idea.

Tanya M.

Business Owner / Entrepreneur, Greater Than Coffee & Other Ventures

Tracy helped me with organizing my thoughts, branding my business, helping me navigate fears, breaking down items into actionable steps, and avoiding overwhelm. She is happy, confident, a leader, mentor, joyful and down to earth! On top of that she is intelligent, with a lot of knowledge, training, and experience which makes her resourceful and able to find an answer to almost any issue, which is refreshing! ! Tracy brings a lot to the table and knows how to drive you without being a task master or micromanager. She allows for flow and timing to be what it is and doesn’t force the creative process in exchange for old paradigm “deadlines” but by asking questions and uncovering passions.

Amy F.

Intuitive Business Strategist, Entrepreneur

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