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Thesis Organization

Writing a graduate thesis is supposed to be challenging. However, narrowing and selecting your topic, understanding how a thesis should be organized, and how the research should align are often left for you to figure out with little guidance. Professors are busy and sometimes you just need someone who can break-it-down in a way that makes the whole thing click! 

As a graduate student and doctoral learner, I understand the importance of selecting the right topic, alignment of research, and content organization. 

In our 2 hour session I’ll help you find a killer topic you’ll love researching, this is important for the rough times you’re sure to hit. I’ll also help you create a plan to organize your research so you have fabulous flow and alignment to theory and research.

Educational Paths & Decisions

Traditional education certainly has its place, however an education path that helps pave the road to your ultimate career goal is far more rewarding. I can help you identify a customized educational path that will support your goals.

If you’re considering graduate school, we will evaluate the pros and cons of attending grad school so you can determine if it’s the right decision for you, right now. The most effective way is to have someone ask you the right questions that will focus on the issues, value, and purpose of this decision. I can help you pinpoint your multiple talents, passions, and experience to identify areas of study and create an education plan that works with your goals.

We can do this is a 1-2 hour laser beam focused session that will give you the confidence to make a personally educated decision. 

Tracy has been a tremendous help in organizing and strategizing both course material and content structure!

Tanya M.

ASU Graduate, Masters in Global Business & Philosophy

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