Career Transformation Strategist, and secret weapon for multi-talented people like you.
I’m Tracy, your Career Transformation Strategist. Sounds complex doesn’t it? But it’s easy to understand. Yes, I am coach, but I help you create a real, easy to implement action plan that aligns what you want, with what you do and who you are which can transform your career into one you can love. That’s a powerful STRATEGY. It is my mission to help YOU with identifying and creating your ideal career. YES, when I say career, I mean whether you work for an organization or have your own business! I’ve been coach to hundreds of employees and entrepreneurs, and I’ve helped leaders, from privately owned small businesses, to Fortune 1000 companies. And now…


WhyAmIForYou         BECAUSE you should be excited about your career and not feel stuck in a job you don’t love. BECAUSE you are a multi-talented professional and shouldn’t feel like you have to pick one talent or passion for an ideal career. BECAUSE you are a leader and want to take control of your career, not leave it in the hands of others. BECAUSE you want an exciting life with a career you love.


I help you focus, fuse, and fuel your multi-talents into an actionable career plan, answer the question, “what do I want to be when I grow up?” and take action to finally make it happen. I like to call this “unleashing your unconventional expertise.” Whether it’s time for a career change or you want to up your career game, I’ll have you excited about taking the steering wheel and creating your ideal career path. BEST PART: You can choose how you want to take action and move forward in creating your ideal career. Click here to check out my services and then set up a strategy session with me.

Unconventional Expert™

“Embracing personal multiplicity is being comfortable with all the amazing things that make you who you are…your brilliance, talent, passions, experiences, hobbies, desires, goals…everything. It’s liberating, relieving, and serves as the foundation to creating your ideal career, business – and heck – life!” ~Tracy Celaya
WhatIBelieve       I believe that our unique strengths, skills, and experiences deserve unique solutions so we can succeed and feel fulfilled in our life. Often we spend more time in our professional life than our personal life when these two areas should really be in harmony. Besides, I absolutely love coming brainstorming ideas that profoundly reveal YOUR unconventional expertise that you can quickly apply to your career or business. I believe:

  • you don’t have to be stuck in a job you don’t love
  • fear, old ideals, and settling for mediocrity keep us stuck & broke
  • we all have unique skills, strengths and experiences that make us experts
  • we can combine our multiple talents and passions into a career and life we L-O-V-E
  • in being a lifelong learner and teacher of what we learn
  • in YOU.

My work in coaching, leadership, and development has positively influenced leaders in the following companies: 

Companies Positively Influenced by Tracy's Coaching & Leadership
  I’ve been able to help leaders in these organizations because I genuinely want to help you succeed in a career where you shine and feel amazing! I’ve experienced the frustration of feeling stuck in a job. I’ve made the transition to a career I love and I’ve helped others do the same. Here’s a little more about me. I have over 15 years of expertise in training and development, facilitation, coaching, change management, performance consulting, diversity & inclusion, leadership, and project management and 24 years as an entrepreneur. I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with a bachelor’s degree in technology, a master’s in business administration and finishing my doctorate in management. Most importantly, I am focused on achieving the results needed to best leverage your talent.  HowICanHelp         So, I offer my help to people who:

  • want to align their professional life with personal goals and strengths
  • want to create a plan from the chaotic ideas in their head to start a new career
  • just need a place to start a new career or business
  • want to develop their leadership skills
  • want to develop the skills of their team
  • are students and need some clarity and alignment to their graduate writing projects

The next step is to join me on this journey of finding, fusing, and getting fired-up about you as an Unconventional Expert and put yourself back in control of your fulfilled career and life! Schedule a free 30-minute discovery session with me! Sign up for my free newsletter with actionable tips towards creating your ideal career or business. For my undergraduate & graduate students who would like guidance, click here to find out how I may be able to help and let’s talk!



I’m a multi-talented, multi-passionate nerd. I started singing at age 3, started my first business as an independent contractor when I was 17, have degrees in technology, business administration, and a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership. I love coffee, great food, dancing, my family, and have an insatiable desire for travel and experiencing cultures. I’ve worked in the television & movie industries, project management, hospitality, retail, technology, business administration, dance fitness, adult learning & facilitation, public speaking, music entertainment, and on top of that, I’m a U.S. Air Force veteran and Billboard® charting singer! Needless to say, my expertise and success is a culminating result of exploring and using my multiple talents and passions becoming what I lovingly refer to as an, Unconventional Expert™.


Besides being successful in each of the industries I chose to explore, I became an expert in identifying and leveraging the unique skills, strengths, passions, and experiences of others to create unconventional career pathways that align with their personal and professional goals. In my years of studying, exploring, experimenting, and experiencing, I’ve learned that overarching areas of competence were revealed in everything I did. As a manger, leader, and entrepreneur, I’ve experienced this, and leveraged this concept, with each of my high-performing team members. I mastered the art of Individualization! Identifying and leveraging their unique skills, strengths, passions, and experiences, we were more productive, engaged, profitable, and most importantly…we were happier! We often worked 40 or more hours a week and I wanted for all of us to feel good about our work and contribution. This was a win-win approach to leading my teams! In my last corporate position I realized I wanted to take my message and skill “on the road” so I left corporate America to start a business in training diversity & inclusion strategies. While helping organizations realize and leverage the talents of their workforce, I often got requests from individuals about exploring their own expertise to move into careers or businesses that aligned more with personal goals or to help brainstorm the chaos of ideas in their head. It is my mission to help multi-talented people who feel stuck, overwhelmed, and unorganized, or know they have more to offer but need help pulling it all together, to design a professional life they really want and to feel engaged, prosperous, independently confident, and fulfilled every day!

Embrace ALL of the Great Things That Make You...YOU!
Multi-Talented | Multi-Passionate



Dr. Tracy A. Celaya, MBA | PMP | CPC –  Dr. Celaya is President and Principal Consultant for GO Consulting International, LLC, and Arizona-based HR consultancy. She is credited with over 17 years of expertise in training and development, facilitation, coaching, change management, performance consulting, diversity & inclusion, leadership, and project management and 24 years as an entrepreneur. She is an Unconventional Expert™ & Solutionist focused on achieving results needed for a productive, profitable business with a skilled, sustainable workforce. Tracy is accomplished at building and motivating high-performing teams and leaders, effective training, and engaging presentations. Tracy is currently a member of the Society for Human Resource Management, American Society for Training & Development, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Project Management Institute, and National Association of Women Business Owners. Her education and professional credentials include:

  • Doctorate of Management & Organizational Leadership (DM)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT)
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Certified Performance Consultant (CPC)

Dr. Celaya created the term, concept and curriculum for Unconventional Expert™. Her focus is her client’s success through identifying and leveraging their unique skills, strengths, experience, and expertise. As a corporate consultant she is focused on the organization’s effective approach to talent management and professional development maximizing cost reduction and revenue growth by providing learning and change initiatives through the use of relevant human-centric talent strategies, learning, and coaching processes.


Tracy loves speaking about women in business, leveraging talents, technology in screening & hiring, interviewing skills, diversity & inclusion, leadership, performance & public speaking for entrepreneurs, and personal multiplicity. Talk topics can be customized to your event and audience and for length as 30, 45, 60, and 90 -minute presentations, 1/2 day, full day, or multi-day workshops. She is available for speaking as a keynote, presenter, workshop facilitator, host/master of ceremonies, moderator, panelist or other capacity for corporations, conferences, associations, schools, expos, organizations, tele-summits, or interviews. Speaking topics include:

  • The Gen X Woman Leader – Empowering, Transforming, and Igniting Leadership
  • Unconventional Expert™ – Identify & Leverage Your Talent for More Engagement and Better Leadership
  • Leadership with a Diverse Workforce
  • Please, Not Another Goal Workshop – Discover What You REALLY Want To Do
  • The 4 E’s of a an Awesome Stage Presentation

Workshops can be customized to your audience as a 1/2 day, full-day, or 2-day workshop:

  • Epic Interviews – is a workshop for HR managers, Interviewers (of any kind; college, association, internship, etc.) and Candidates for skill unleveling.
  • Unconventional Expert™ – Identify & Leverage Your Talent for More Engagement and Better Leadership
  • Not Just Your Average Goal Workshop – Let’s Really Make Things Happen!

If you have an event or partnership you think would be a good fit, please click here to tell me more about it. Thank you!

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