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A Delphi Study by Tracy Celaya

HR Pros wanted to participate in cutting edge study on HR performance & technology:

Implementing new technology in HR can be a challenging process. Deloitte reports two-thirds of organizations consider HR technology urgent and important for improved use of resources and performance, although 28% of organizations have no definitive plans for HR systems.

My name is Tracy Celaya and I am conducting a doctoral research study to understand how HR performance is affected by technology and inviting 15 participants for in this online study.

The outcomes of the study may help build a business case and model for implementing technology in HR. All participants will receive a copy of the results for their use.

  • This study consists¬†of 2 rounds of internet-based surveys with a panel of a min. of 12 participants
  • You must have a minimum of 5 years experience in HR
  • Surveys will be securely distributed via
  • Allot approximately 20-30 minutes for each survey, for a total of 1 to 1.5 hours of your time
  • Each survey must be completed within one week of receiving the survey link
  • Your identity will be coded to ensure your anonymity

If this is something you or others may be interested in, please reply to If you would like to start the process now, just print the attached Informed Consent document and return via email to or fax to ( 480) 325-0538.

You will receive a welcome letter via email along with a link to Round 1 of the survey. Thank you for your consideration!

Informed Consent for Full Delphi Study_General

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