You're smart, talented, and DONE feeling stuck in a job you don't love.

Making a career change is a challenging and rewarding journey. You don't have to go at it alone.


Are you ready?

Fear can hold us back from owning our multiple talents, making a change for the better, and moving forward in work, relationships, business, and life.

It’s time to STOP.

I’ve been there, done that. I’ve navigated through fear and come out on the other side a better leader with a more profitable career and, most importantly, a better woman.

We Gen X Women are the ultimate combination of talent, experience, and value, with a little grit, to be great leaders and the perfect transition between Boomers and Millennials! We’ve grown up in the midst of economic adversity, challenging academics, increasing pandemics, and it’s no wonder we may feel stuck where we are, or bound by ideals that no longer serve us.

We don’t have to feel stuck.

We don’t have to be broke.

We don’t have to feel defeated, depleted, or skipped over.


It’s our time to STEP IT UP! 

If you have a ton of ideas for a business or unused talents in your career, I can help you focus.

If you don’t know where to start, I can create an action plan for you to easily get moving. 

If you’re not sure which direction to go, I can guide you in the direction you {really} want to go.

There are three things you need to do…Empower. Transform. Ignite! 

Let’s do this!


As A Career Professional You:

  • Are driven to up-level your career
  • Know you’re talented & have more to offer
  • Are likely underutilized in your current position
  • Want to feel more fulfilled in your work
  • Desire to feel accomplished & respected for what you do
  • Want to make more money
Let's Do This!

As An Entrepreneur You:

  • Know you want more out of your career & life
  • Want more freedom in your time, money, and life
  • Want to be your own boss
  • Have an idea(s) for a business and need guidance
  • Want to feel purposeful, fulfilled, and focused
  • Have a deep desire to help others and live by design
Let's Do This!

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